Get excited because screening just got way more convenient and personalized.

We are improving the way everyone can get tested

Personalized screening tests in your home

We offer convenient and simple solutions for personalized at-home screening.
Customized for your risk profile, our easy-to-use screening kits are sent to your door.

Accurate analysis by world-class laboratories

Your self-collected samples are analyzed by our network of
accredited laboratories and results are reviewed by a doctor
before being communicated to you.

Your privacy is guaranteed

All systems are in line with stringent legal requirements.
Your data is not shared with anyone unless we have your
explicit consent.

Why organizations like our platform?

Improve engagement

Improve population health
Improve HEDIS quality

Close screening gaps

"I already feel better about a trip to the gynae to have the rest of the things checked out. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be tested anxiety free"
- Sonya, Happy Consumer


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