Your most discreet, safe and convenient self-sampling tests

Making home screening accessible & easy

Formed in 2012, UDoTest comprises a young and innovative team of professionals who care about health and in particular the growing prevalence of cervical cancer in our country. This prompted us to ask the question “How can we make a positive change?” The answer, we believe, is in the products and services we have constructed at UDoTest.

We partnered with specialists and experts in the medical and pathology fields who, together with UDoTest, now bring people the latest in accepted and safe self-collection pathology tests which are as accurate as the current methods typically employed in and out of hospital.

Our goal is to make regular screening simple, convenient, and accessible to all.

To this end, UDoTest have warehouses in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and the United Kingdom in order to service our global customers. We also have a laboratory in the United Kingdom to allow for a more cost effective and quicker service.

Our goal is to empower people with sensitive and accessible methods for early detection of diseases using converged solutions.