Am I gluten intolerant? Get accurate results with the UDoGlutenTest

Ecstasy to agony.That is the best description what can transpire between (a) the last delicious spoonful of the perfect pasta, to (b) the uncomfortable, very “eina” bloating and cramping of your stomach. 

Being gluten intolerant hampers your well being and is debilitating. Unfortunately, this very real health issue is still viewed as a trendy fad in many parts of the world. 

Fact ladies and gents: You were either born with it or not – it’s in your DNA. 

To describe a condition like this to someone is tricky though – you see, you can’t explain gluten as a standalone food as you can for instance fish or beans. So, here’s a simple definition: gluten is a protein that is found in four specific grains – wheat, rye, barley and oats. If these foods are in any dishes – even sauces – they cause an unhealthy digestive reaction.

Gluten intolerance is viewed as the disease of our time. The sad truth is that wheat itself has been hybridised to be grown ‘stronger’ than it was. Wheat of today contains far more gluten than it did 30-40 years ago, and that is why we are hearing more about gluten intolerance today.

Breakthrough advancements have recently taken place in gluten diagnostics with the launch of the UDoGlutenTest, a simple self-collection saliva test that analyses ones genes.

So, if you’ve shown pain after eating or other symptoms such as digestion problems, sinusitis, allergies, headaches, migraines, constipation and rheumatoid arthritis, it's time to take the test.

The UDoGlutenTest is available no matter where you are. It can be purchased online at or from selected Dis-Chem pharmacies.

Thankfully, it’s a lot cheaper than other tests and the added consultation fees, and it’s quick and easy to perform. No nasty finger pricks!

You can even take this gluten intolerance test if you have already suspected you may be gluten intolerant and are on a gluten-free diet (as pointed out, it is still a disease that needs validation in South Africa, even by some doctors. Luckily this gluten intolerance test provides you with all the proof you need). Remember, gluten intolerance is very real and could be the root cause of your illness!

A fantastic breakthrough of the UDoGlutenTest is that this gluten intolerance test not only reveals DNA variations in a patient, but it also indicates if the genes are positive for autoimmune issues such as Celiac disease, which is essentially the final stage of gluten intolerance. If diagnosed with Celiac disease you can take the results to your doctor to be treated medically.

Gluten intolerance does not choose a certain race, gender and age. Knowing that you are gluten intolerant can literally change your world!