Broaching the topic of STD screening tests with your partner

Are you in a new relationship that is just about to reach a new, physically intimate level? If your answer is “yes!”, then now is the best time to broach the topic of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Although you might feel a little uncomfortable or even intimidated doing this, there are a few steps to take that make having an open, frank discussion a little easier.

The first step towards having that talk is knowing how to prepare for it.

Educate yourself about common STDs: Find out about the symptoms of STDs and how they can be transmitted; the more you know, the easier it is to talk about. If you have already tested positive for an STD, it is still important to gather as much information as you can on the particular infection you have contracted, how to treat it or live with it. Your partner will probably have some questions too.

Plan your conversation: It may sound strange, but writing yourself a "script" can be helpful. With a clear head, you can ensure that you talk about the strengths of your relationship, and the trust that you have in your partner, before discussing STD information and testing. (The time and place is also important, so make sure that you’re both relaxed and in a quiet, private place.)

LIsten: Once you have either started the discussion, or revealed your own status, let your partner do some talking.

Suggest getting tested: If either you or your partner has not been recently tested, offer to get tested together. That way, you can reinforce the importance of knowing your STD status and your protection of one another.

Agree on full disclosure: Once you have both received your results, you will be in a better position as a couple to know the precautions that need to be taken (from the perspective of both sexual intercourse and oral sex) should one of you have tested positive.

Raising the topic of STDs – regardless of whether you have one or not – takes a lot of courage but it is necessary when it comes to learning more about your partner and also looking after your own health.

One of the most discreet, safe ways for the early detection of STDs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea is the UDoSTDTest, an advanced molecular urine STD test for both genders. Taken using a small sample of urine, the home STD test can be done in the privacy of your own space, with no waiting at your doctor’s room or the clinic. It is also very easy to use and accurate, including a laboratory analysis and doctor’s review. Free counselling and support is also available through UDoTest.

Don't forget, a healthy, responsible sex life relies on communication, so get talking and get tested!