Easy STD testing for students

College and universities – and their new found freedom - is epitomised by furthering boundaries, in both a mental and physical sense. Unfortunately, this may also mean that you may “graduate” with more than you bargained for - in the form of a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Starting your college or university career is a huge step for many young people. You’re a world away from stricter school rules and routines, and you may even have moved away from home to stay closer to your chosen institution.

While it’s easy to blame the alcohol and the party lifestyle of many college and university campuses, the practice of safe sex drops down on the agenda; a lack of education could also be responsible.

Why is it important to find out whether you have an STD? 

The answer is simple; left untreated, an STD could stop you from having children, it could lead to future health issues (as serious as cancers, infertility and pain), and it could even be fatal.

You may have an STD, even though you don’t have any symptoms, so anyone that has engaged in unprotected sex - even oral sex - must test regularly. The good news is that the health effects of STDs can be treated and many of these infections are even curable, but treatment can only take place once you know your STD status.

Testing doesn’t get any quicker and easier, or with greater discretion, than with UDoHPVTest and UDoSTDTest. The UDoSTDTest is uniquely urine-based, so there is no need to have any blood taken or visit a blood depot. Available for purchase online, these tests are delivered to you in unmarked packaging. UDoTest will collect your completed test, sending it off to an accredited laboratory for analysis. Feedback is then sent to you online, with support and counselling available should it be required.

The UDoSTDTest can be used by both men and women and uses a straightforward urine collection device. The UDoSTDTest screens chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Chlamydia usually has no symptoms. Your chlamydia status can become very important when planning a family. Both affect men and women and spread easily.

An upgrade UDoSTDTest is available to screen for 9 prevalent STDs using a urine sample.

Now that you understand the importance of the testing, early detection and treatment of STDs, there’s no excuse to know your STD status