“I wish all medical could be this painless"

Providing convenient and accurate screening tests for our customers in an efficient way is what gets us up in the morning. We love what we do and it’s so rewarding to receive positive feedback from you, our customers. This month, we thought we’d share some of the great comments we’ve received.

“I was most impressed with the UDoColonTest™ concept and found the test to be quick, simple and extremely hygienic.” – Russel, 41

“My husband, my daughters and myself have used all the tests except only my husband and I have had the UDoColonTest™ and he obviously didn’t use the UDoHPVTest ™for obvious reasons! The tests are all great and the only thing I can suggest is that the company brings more products out soon.” – Marissa, 47

“We were notified by the company that a selection of different UDoTest products had been arranged for us and that if we were interested in doing any of them we could choose which ones and take them as a salary sacrifice. Because of my age and because it wasn’t on my bucket list to rush off and have a colonoscopy, which I knew I should do, I figured it made sense to choose the UDoColonTest. I did the test that was so easy to do, with no embarrassment and followed the simple, clear instructions in the product leaflet. I was notified of the results by email. The entire UDoTest experience was handled in a very professional manner.” - Kevin, 57

“Purchasing my UDoColonTest was easier than shopping online or in a store. I loved the fact that I could come in, hand over my discovery membership card number and pay with my credit card in less than 5 minutes. The service provided by UDoTest is excellent, no fuss, professional, swift and easier than checking my Facebook account. The online service is effective and efficient. I wish all medical services could be this painless.” Amanda