In remembrance of the Pap smear

Recently, we were involved in quite a number of inspiring corporate wellness days to increase awareness of the dangers of HPV (Human Papillomavirus). With our head offices being based in South Africa, we felt the need to address cervical cancer in our country head on. 

Cervical cancer is the deadliest cancer among South African women; and with almost all cervical cancers being caused by HPV it was time to take drastic action. We received an overwhelming response from companies and employees and the statistics themselves were also alarming! 

Corporate wellness day results

Out of five randomly selected wellness days, we screened a total of 152 women. Shockingly, the majority of these women (a staggering 69 - 100 percent) had not undergone any screening in the past 12 months or ever in their lifetime before. Thankfully UDoTest was commissioned to sort the problem out! 

An average rate of 20 percent high risk HPV infection was found at these corporates. 72.5 working days was also saved by these employers when taking into account the average time spent when visitting a gynaecologist. Our UDoHPVTest takes less than 2 minutes. Not only this, but the medical funders in this business case saved 53% of their screening costs per women tested for HPV because the testing frequency is longer than a Pap smear. 

But our outreach has not stopped there. We also distributed hundreds of UDoHPVTests to targeted caregivers across South Africa. Of the tests completed, 25 percent of the women had high risk HPV abnormalities and, because there is very little access to facilities, a staggering 96 percent had not screened in the past12 months or ever before. 

Early detection of the more dangerous strains of HPV is crucial so cell abnormalities can be treated before they have time to develop into cervical cancer. In the precancerous stage, which can be detected by an HPV test or a Pap smear, this disease is 100 percent treatable. Most women diagnosed with cervical cancer today have not undergone regular screening. 

UDoTest is shining a light on these common statistics all over the world and we are giving women a convenient testing option. We encourage women to get tested and know their status. What motivates everyone here at UDoTest is the amount of lives we are saving on a daily basis. Don’t become a statistic, contact us today.