Test from Home for Bowel (Colon) Cancer and Gluten Intolerances

The start of a new year is the ideal time for a fresh start; making new resolutions, setting new goals and perhaps even moving into a new direction.

UDoTest has kicked off 2016 in spectacular style by launching launched two new, potentially life-saving home medical tests to our offering: bowel (colon) cancer and genetic gluten intolerances.

Bowel (colon) cancer quick facts:

• Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers found in both men and women over the age of 50;
• There are an estimated 100,000 new cases of colorectal cancer (CRC) found each year in the USA alone;
• Although it is one of the easiest forms of cancer to treat, it is also the one that is least screened for;
• Colonoscopy candidates need only be screened every 1 to 2 years using the UDoColonTest;
• The UDoColonTest is 98 percent accurate in detecting cancerous and precancerous risks.

Gluten intolerance quick facts:
• Approximately 1 out of 30 people will experience severe gluten intolerance that may lead to celiac diease (CD) in their lifetime;
• As people are becoming increasingly clued up on what they eat and why, they are also becoming more concerned about the amount of gluten present in the food that they consume;
• CD is one of today’s most common illnesses that results from both genetic and environmental (gluten) factors;
• Long term consequences of untreated CD include chronic system inflammation, poor nutrition and the inability to absorb nutrients;
• Where or not one should follow a gluten free diet is the question which needs to be answered and the new, once-off, UDoGlutenTest can help provide those answers;
• The UDoGlutenTest can be self-performed, and screens for the presence or the absence of certain sets of DNA variations that put you at risk for the severe intolerance to gluten.

In other news, UDoTest is thrilled to announce that products are now also available at pharmacies an South Africa!

We’ve also ramped up our corporate wellness campaigns and are helping more international clients than ever.

Stay tuned to our blog for more news.