UDoTest screens over 100 women in 3 hours at one corporate

Quick, easy-to-use, non-intrusive, accurate. While these words have frequently been associated with UDoTest’s HPV Test, these words can also be associated to their corporate service offerings at wellness days held in workplaces. 

One such client, Bestmed, screened 140 women for the human papillomavirus (HPV) in just three hours at their offices. This just emphasises UDoTest’s high volume capabilities, speed and convenience of we have to offer organisations.

UDoTest’s involvement in this wellness day was to educate all the staff about HPV and cervical cancer, the importance of HPV testing, as well as prevention strategies which they can adopt. 

With happy staff and happy customers by the end of the morning, one lady said "Very easy, practical and uncomplicated. Less stress than the SPECULUM".

Worldwide,cervical cancer is the third most common cancer among women.These figures only highlight the fact that education and early detection is critical.

"I delayed seeing a doctor because I was so afraid of what the procedures would entail. But being able to perform the test myself at home and with UDoTest handling the logistics etc, I feel like I'm finally able to take charge of my own health (or one aspect of it thus far)."

With giggling echoing in the Bestmed corridors and "liberated" women now more empowered and educated, UDoTest proudly made this wellness day one to remember. If UDoTest can help 140 women take control of their health over just 3 hours, can you imagine how many people we can help on a daily basis…

Thank you BestMed.

From UDoTest, and from your grateful staff.