Putting off your colon screening? #GiveASh!t

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Are you avoiding your colonoscopy?

Traditional colon cancer screening methods are inconvenient, expensive and unpleasant. Yet, early detection has a 94% survival rate!

Our UDoColonTest allows you to:

  • Collect a sample of toilet water using a small brush.
  • Have your sample analysed in a laboratory for a specific protein that's an indicator of possible colon cancer in men and women.
US$79, including free delivery and all laboratory fees.

Our simple home test kit is 98,8% specific and 87,5% sensitive in detecting cancerous risks.

What is InSure FIT ?

Within our UDoColonTest you'll find the InSure FIT test which is a Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) that has been used to screen millions of people around the world.

Clinical studies have proven that InSure FIT is highly accurate for detecting even tiny or invisible amounts of blood in a sample.

How does it work?

1.Order a UDoColonTest™ online.
2.We'll deliver it to your address.
3.You do the test.
4.Log a collection online.
5.We'll come and collect your sample.
6.You will be notified as soon as your results are ready.
7.We provide 6 - 8 free counselling sessions, if you want to use it.

Uncomplicated! Very informative and easy.
-Marissa Nieuwoudt
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for the laboratory analysis.
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