Screen for STDs at home

Using just a few drops of urine you can now screen in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

We are looking for an elevated risk for Chlamydia and Gonorreah - two of the highest reported STDs in the USA in 2017.

We partner with your in-network labs that you and your physician recognize, trust and have been using for years. They have clinically validated a first-catch urine sample from a male or a female to detect STD risk, we are now just bringing it conveniently to your home on their behalf.

  • Order online without the need for a doctors appointment or visit
  • Drop your completed sample off at FEDEX or UPS
  • Get physician approved and reviewed feedback
  • Get care and recommendations about next steps

  • Buy cash for $79.00 (Shipping included)
  • Buy with insurance for $40 (Shipping included)
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